Travel & Taste Israel: Nature, Culture and History

Thursday, Feb 6, 2020 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  $29M;$39NM/Lecture only: $13M; $16NM

Israel is a country the size of New Jersey with Mediterranean coastal beaches, the Negev desert, Jordan River, Dead Sea and Golan Heights. While this area has been a cultural crossroads for millennia, it is also a major migratory route for birds between breeding grounds in Euro-Asia and wintering sites in Africa. 50,000 common cranes stop in the Hula Valley, a success story of wetland restoration. Birds like McQueen's bustard can be found in the scrubby Negev desert. Several kibbutzim manage commercial fish ponds where kingfishers, herons and pelicans can be seen. The Society for Preservation of Nature in Israel is a major force in preserving and restoring habitat and educating local children and adults, well as international tourists, about the importance of this small country to birds and other wildlife.

Location-themed buffet dinner and lecture or lecture only (7:30pm start). Pre-registration required for dinner by 5pm Tuesday, February 4.

Online registration available. Walk-ins welcome for the Lecture Only portion.