The Best Places for BIG Food in Massachusetts!

Have a huge appetite? We’ve got the answer. Across Massachusetts, you’ll find delis, bars, and other restaurants challenging you to tackle their big bites. Whether you’re looking to bite into a 30-inch sub or a five-pound pile of French fries, here’s where you’ll find some seriously big food in the state! 

Clyde’s Grill & Bar, Walpole, MA

If you participate in the 10 Gallon Burger Challenge at Clyde’s Grill & Bar, you definitely won’t leave hungry. The giant burger patty (they don’t provide the actual weight, but do mention it requires two spatulas in order to flip it on the grill) topped with five slices of cheese and chili. It comes with both French fries and onion rings. You only get a half hour to eat this meal or it will set you back $16.

Eagle’s Deli, Brighton, MA

Big food gets its own category at Eagle’s Deli. That category—called Gigantic Burgers—features seven burger options, ranging in size from 1.5 to five pounds of meat. The most famous is the Eagles Challenge, coming in at five pounds of burger topped with 20 slices of bacon and 20 slices of American cheese. Add to that a five-pound side of French fries, a pickle, and a soda. If you eat it all in an hour, you won’t be charged the $69.99 tab. Of course, you also might be heading to the closest emergency room!

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Four Seas Ice Cream, Centerville, MA

Alas, it’s not just burgers that bring out the desire to compete—or overeat—in Massachusetts. Case in point: Four Seas Ice Cream. Customers who can finish their Hurricane Challenge in just half an hour get to leave the $45 check behind. This is no easy task, however, as the Hurricane Challenge includes 16 scoops of delicious homemade ice cream topped with loads of syrup and nuts. What—no whipped cream?

DiBlasi’s Subs, Everett, MA

Can you “Sink the Sub?” at DiBlasi’s. Guests are challenged to consume a 30-inch steak and cheese sub in 30 minutes—every last bite of it. You pay $30 to enter, but if you complete the challenge you receive a $30 gift certificate, a “Sink the Sub” t-shirt, your name on a plaque at DiBlasi’s, and of course, bragging rights for life.  

Chef’s Hat Diner, Williamstown, MA

Eggs are the challenge at Chef’s Hat Diner. The Ripper Dandy Omelet Challenge doesn’t sound like an easy one, either. Those accepting the challenge are faced with a 12-egg omelet laden with cheese, veggies, and a variety of breakfast meats. You have just 30 minutes to get it all down, or you face a bill for $16. 

Ruggie’s, Harwich, MA

It’s time to take on the Duke: two waffles, six eggs (“our way”), a quarter pound of cheddar cheese, a quarter pound of American cheese, hash browns, homemade sausage gravy, two buttermilk pancakes, six strips of bacon, three sausage patties, two pieces of boneless country-style fried chicken, and an eight-ounce glass of juice, in just 30 minutes. If you’re able to conquer this, you’ll receive a Ruggie’s t-shirt, your meal is free, and your name on the wall. 

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