The Best Skate Shops in Massachusetts!

Do you have any idea how fast the sport of skateboarding has grown over the decades? The devoted following of the sport has kept it alive and well. Skate shops across the state of Massachusetts are dedicated to supplying this crowd with the best equipment, safety items, and even lessons! Check out these great Massachusetts skate shops so you can pick from the best.

Thuro Skate Shop, Brookline, MA

Whether you’re a skateboarder or a snowboarder, Thuro Skate Shop has everything you’ll need to enjoy the best each sport offers. Check in-store for information on private or group skateboarding or snowboarding lessons in season.

Orchard Skate Shop, Boston, MA

Owned and operated by skateboarders, Orchard Skate Shop not only sells an impressive array of skateboarding equipment, they also own the Bird’s Nest Bowl on site. The bowl is free for anyone to use during store hours, but a signed waiver is required before dropping into the bowl.

Technical, Norwell, MA

Check with the pros at Technical about upcoming skateboarding events and competitions in the area. In the meantime, they’ll hook you up with some exceptional boards and all sorts of safety gear and equipment.

Solstice Skateboarding, New Bedford, MA

Known for constantly acquiring the latest and greatest equipment, Solstice Skateboarding features a well-trained staff capable of answering all your questions and more. Check out the cool line of skateboarding clothing they sell.

One Gig, Boston, MA

For some unique skateboards and an entire line of skateboarding clothing and shoes, One Gig is the place to shop. Become immersed in skateboarding culture just by visiting the shop.

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