The 7 Best Fly Fishing Spots in Massachusetts!

Tying flies is an art form—at least according to many fly fishermen. Fly fishing is the reward for tying artfully and successfully. To immerse yourself in nature and hone your fly fishing skills, give Massachusetts a visit. Check out one of these revered fly fishing spots in the Bay State! 

1. Swift River, Belchertown, MA

Known for its abundance of trout, Swift River is a favorite among Massachusetts fly fishermen—and women. The river originates at the base of the Quabbin Reservoir, providing cold water all year long. It is the perfect habitat for trout. A quick five-minute walk from the parking area will see you in your waders, casting that first fly.

2. Deerfield River, Charlemont, MA

Fish early or late in the season. It doesn’t matter when you go fly fishing in the Deerfield River. The fast, cold waters are perfect for trout—brown, rainbow, and sometimes even brook trout. The area is stunning, with birch trees and ferns.

3. The Flats at Provincetown Harbor, Provincetown, MA

Fly fisherman love wading into the water at the Flats at Provincetown Harbor. Less crowded than most of the fly fishing option on Cape Cod, locals say the best of the best fishing takes place from Long Point to Wood End—especially for waders.

4. Squannacook River, Groton & Townsend, MA

A bridge on Route 225, just before the Groton/Shirley line finds you at the Squannacook River. A parking area just after the bridge allows access to just one of several spots where fly fisherman can wade into the water and fish to their heart’s delight. Another is Black Rock—another spot along the Squannacook. This is accessed in Townsend. Parking at the Hawthorne Middle School means a short walk, but is so worth the effort.

5. Housatonic River, Lee, MA

Fly fishing is the thing to do along the shores of the Housatonic River in Lee. Brown trout and smallmouth bass are the common prizes on most days. The area is also a favorite of bird watchers, so everyone respects the solitude and calm waters in this area. You’ll have to hike in, and there are no trails per se. A local business—Berkshire Rivers Fly Fishing—takes tours, and guides you in and out. The walk is deemed “intermediate,” but the fishing is worth the effort.

6. Boston Harbor Islands, Boston, MA

Most people don’t think “Boston” and “fly fishing” even belong in the same sentence—unless you’ve been to the Boston Harbor Islands and given it a try. You’ll need a boat—or can take a ferry—to access the islands. Once there you’re privy to flats, boulder fields and deep coves—perfect for catching striped bass, bluefish and more.

7. Chappaquiddick Island, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Two large saltwater ponds lure fly fisherman to Chappaquiddick Island on Martha’s Vineyard. If you’re not local, you might want to contact the folks at the link provided, who will both serve as guides and provide you with over-the-sand transportation—which can be a bit difficult to navigate without a four-wheel drive vehicle. Once these little technicalities are taken care of, you’re free to enjoy your favorite pastime. Striped bass are plentiful here.

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