The 10 Best Skate Parks in Massachusetts!

If you’re a skater in Massachusetts looking to shred on more than just the streets and sidewalks, there are over 75 different skate parks in the state for you to brush up on your skills. Nail that kick tail stall, master your kick turn, and get that ollie down pat at one of these 10 cool skate parks in the Bay State. 

1. Rad Skatepark, Mendon, MA

Skate inside at Rad Skatepark in Mendon. Located at 49 Uxbridge Road, the park features a Masonite surface with lots of ledges, stairs, quarter pipes and a 13-foot wall ride. Although it costs to skate here, it’s well worth the expense. You don’t get much better than a skate park that skaters built—which is exactly what Rad Skate Park is.

2. Ryan C. Joubert Skatepark, Fitchburg, MA

Featuring an outdoor, lighted park with restrooms, the Ryan C. Joubert Skatepark in Fitchburg was created in honor of the 16-year-old, who died in a car accident back in November 2000. Ryan traveled to New Hampshire, Vermont, and all around Massachusetts to skate, so those creating this park in his memory pulled out all the stops. Located at Parkhill Park, the skate park features a fabulous bowl and big steel coping. Managed by the city of Fitchburg, the park is well-maintained. Helmets and pads are required.

3. Everett Skatepark, Everett, MA

Located at 1 Chelsea Street in Everett, this skate park is said to be a great place for beginners. The outdoor surface is concrete, and helmets and pads are mandatory. Local police will issue a summons if you’re found skating without proper gear. The park isn’t lit, so skating is allowed from dawn to dusk only. Restrooms are available.

4. Concord-Carlisle Skatepark, Concord, MA

Just a block from the intersection of Waldon Street and Route 2 in Concord, the Concord-Carlisle Skatepark is an outdoor park featuring two quarter pipes, a fun box with four set, and a mini half pipe that measures 12x4. Pads and helmets aren’t required here.

5. Green Hill Skatepark, Worcester, MA

Constructed by Breaking Ground Skateparks, Green Hill Skate Park is located at 14 Skyline Drive in Worcester. It features two sections for skaters—the first being shallower and including a speed bump. The second has a deep-bowled feature that peaks at 12 feet. The concrete surface park isn’t lighted, but it’s free to skate and gear isn’t required.

6. Newburyport Skate Park, Newburyport, MA

Located at 70 Low Street, the Newburyport Skate Park requires that skaters wear pads and helmets on its concrete surface. Built by Airspeed Skateparks, there are some innovative features here. The park is open from 2:30 p.m. to sunset during the school year, and from nine to sunset in the summer.

7. Orange Skatepark, Orange, MA

Airport Road in Orange is home to the Orange Skatepark. Located just two miles past the police station, the place is well patrolled, so parents of younger skaters can feel confident. The intricate park features a six and four-foot mini, as well as an eight-foot quarter pipe, two four-foot quarter pipes and more.

8. Quincy Skatepark, Quincy, MA

You can find the Quincy Skatepark at 21 Pond Street. The prefab park features quarter pipes, a mini ramp, fun box, and more. Pads and helmets aren’t required, so it’s a great place for older skaters to drop in from dawn to dusk and reignite their mad skills.

9. Amesbury Skatepark, Amesbury

Perfect for kids or beginner skaters, you can find the Amesbury Skatepark at 138 Friend Street. A four-foot quarter pipe and three-foot spine are great to learn on. Even though helmets and pads aren’t required, kids and beginners should definitely wear them.

10. Hingham Skatepark, Hingham, MA

You can find the skate park in Hingham on Bear Cove Park Drive. The 7,500-square foot concrete surface is considered a top shelf park. Seasoned skaters suggest visiting the park in the morning if possible, as it is often overrun by kids on razor scooters in the afternoon. They maintain is still worth a visit, however.

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