The 15 Most Amazing Wonders to Discover in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is the state of wonders. From the beautiful Berkshires to the pristine coastline, there is beauty wherever you go. Check out these 15 hidden gems to discover while in the state.

1. Bancroft Tower Castle, Worcester, MA

Built in 1900, this 56-foot-tall tower sits on a hilltop, surrounded by tree. It affords visitors a gorgeous view of the city below. Bancroft Tower Castle is a great place to picnic—or to reenact scenes from “Game of Thrones.”

2. Castle Hill at the Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA

More than 2,100 acres surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and a salt marsh make this beautiful perfect for bird watching, picnicking and simply enjoying nature at its finest. Castle Hill is also home to a giant mansion—hence the castle—where wedding receptions are often held. It’s the green space that’s truly special, however, as are the ruins on the grounds.

3. Gunn Brook Falls, Sunderland, MA

Check out a hidden treasure at Gunn Brook Falls. The water flows down over a rocky “staircase” through the mossy woods. Ask Sunderland locals for exact directions to access this natural wonder.

4. Mytoi Japanese Gardens, Chappaquiddick, MA

Located on Martha’s Vineyard, Mytoi Japanese Gardens is a tranquil haven of exquisite beauty. A small pond and island make up the gardens, along with a scenic trail that leads to a salt marsh.

5. Royalston Falls, Royalston, MA

An ancient gorge carved into the earth in prehistoric times wows visitors today. Royalston Falls requires a .8-mile descent in order to access the hidden treasure. Do note that the trek isn’t an easy one. Proper footwear and some agility are required. Those who go for it marvel at its beauty.

6. Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA

From approximately the first of April through the end of October, the Bridge of Flowers is in bloom with more than 500 different kinds of flowers, shrubs and vines. Originally a trolley bridge, it has held fascination for those who come upon it since the railway company went out back in 1928.

7. Becket Land Trust, Becket, MA

Featuring a quarry and a forest, the Becket Land Trust in Becket is a little slice of Heaven here on earth. Miles of hiking trails turn to a cross-country skier’s delight after the snow falls. The quarry itself is gorgeous, reflecting the rock ledges and trees that surround it. This is a gorgeous spot in all four seasons.

8. The Last Green Valley

Comprising 35 towns—most of which are in south-central Massachusetts—the Last Green Valley refers to a stewardship organization that keeps 77 percent of the land in them undeveloped. This means visitors and citizens alike can travel from town to town and enjoy the natural beauty that graces the region, without fear of it ever being spoiled. The Willimantic River flows through the Last Green Valley, and is in itself a sight to behold.

9. Crane Beach Trail System, Ipswich, MA

While Crane Beach isn’t exactly a “hidden” gem, its 5.5-mile trail system is. The Crane Beach Trail System twists and turns from beach to forest to dunes, affording views of the forest and the ocean. Perfect for hiking and cross-country skiing in the winter, it’s one of those gems that definitely shouldn’t stay hidden.

10. Spohr Gardens, Falmouth, MA

Located on Oyster Pond in Falmouth, Spohr Gardens is well worth your time when visiting Cape Cod. Surprisingly, very few people make a fuss over it, meaning it definitely qualifies as a hidden gem. The garden is breathtaking from spring through fall. Bring your camera!

11. Monomoy National Wildlife Preserve, Chatham, MA

A protected area for countless species of migratory birds, Monomoy National Wildlife Preserve is the perfect place to seek out that rare breed you’ve longed to catch a glimpse of. Spread over three islands, it’s important to keep abreast of the tides, as you might not make it back to shore if you’re not mindful of the highs and lows.

12. Keystone Arch Bridges Trail, Huntington, MA

Featuring a five-mile round trip hike, the Keystone Arch Bridges Trail is a treasure trove of old history and nature at its best. The old keystone arches are intriguing, but the land they sit on is the real treasure. Be aware that the trail features steep drop offs. Children and pets must be kept close at hand at all times.

13. Sanderson Brook Falls, Blandford, MA

A brisk 20-minute walk and a slight incline toward the end will treat you to views of Sanderson Brook Falls. The lookout spot is the best for viewing and is the perfect place from which to take some spectacular photos. In winter, the icy spray lends itself to an other-worldly feel.

14. Wasque Beach, Chappaquiddick, MA

There aren’t many little-known beaches in Massachusetts, but Wasque Beach is definitely one of them. Called the “easternmost natural appendage of Martha’s Vineyard,” the beach is replete with soft white sand and gentle dunes. Still relatively unspoiled, it’s beautiful and tranquil.

15. Houghton’s Pond, Milton, MA

Just because parts of Massachusetts are on the ocean doesn’t mean all swimming must be done in salt water. For a change of pace check out Houghton’s Pond, a spring fed kettle hole that’s clean and cold even on the hottest summer days.

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