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Animal Adventures

336 Sugar Road

Ed and Brenda Laquidara have spent their entire lives working with animals, from farm animals to exotics. In 1997, Ed and Brenda turned their hobby of caring for animals into a full-time professional animal education facility. Animal Adventures is located in Bolton, Massachusetts. We take in exotic animals that are no longer able to be kept by their current owners. The animals that come into the facility are either kept at Animal Adventures and used for educational programs, or are placed at other animal facilities. Animal Adventures delivers thousands of educational programs throughout New England each year.


In an ongoing effort to provide a unique and memorable learning experience for all audiences, we strive for excellence in our animals, our presentations, our educational curriculum, and our business practices.

In keeping with our high standards none of our animals are wild caught. We rescue abandoned, orphaned and neglected animals and provide them with a high-quality life while using them to inspire and educate you. We also receive animals from specialty breeders.


Kris Strontzer

Saturday, May 26, 2018
First, this is a rescue, not a zoo. It’s designed for the animals comfort, not ours. You are welcome to bring your own food and such. An amazing variety of creatures have homes here. Just walking through is wonderful for even a casual animal lover. We took the extreme tour. Not cheap, but the expert, friendly guide kept us fascinated. We got to pet everyone it was safe and legal to pet, as promised with the tour. We loved it. FYI. Right before you reach AA, you reach Colonial Candies, which has a sundae toppings bar and lots of goodies.

Tania Gauvin

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Very knowledgeable and sweet staff. The animals there look healthy. My son loved being able to play outside and also see animals. My only concern was when a Boa that was shedding was brought out for an animal show. The animal was irritated (should not have been disturbed) and could have been handled more gently. Overall a great place!

Hayden H

Sunday, June 24, 2018
This place is awesome. Staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. I love that this is a sanctuary/rescue for so many different animals. I'll definitely be returning with my nieces. If I owned a home this is what I'd want to do with all the extra space.

Kimberly Jorge

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Unique selection of a wide variety of animals. My family and I got a private tour by a very knowledgeable employee and got to pet a bunch of animals. I'd never touched an armadillo before today. My three-year-old loved the playground though I thought it could use some TLC. I also wasn't impressed by the size and quality of some of the animal enclosures. It did seem that the employees loved the animals though.

Dulshan Kasturiratne

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Very cool place with lots of exotic animals. Owners/zookeepers are very helpful in getting you acquainted with the animals, they try their best to help visitors learn about the creatures and if possible let you play with them. Great atmosphere and fun place to spend an afternoon at.

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