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The Xfinity Center

885 South Main Street

The Xfinity Center Previously the Comcast Center is an outdoor venue located in the heart of Mansfield, Massachusetts. The venue boasts a huge seating capacity of 19,900, and is split into reserved and outdoor lawn seating. The venue opened June 13, 1986 as the “Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts” and was known as the busiest venue in the New England Area, hosting an impressive 80+ events per season. It has a more modest 36 events per season, however these are often featuring the biggest music artists in the world.


Donna Groff

Saturday, June 9, 2018
Could not believe the care and concern shown to my daughter. She had major ankle surgery 2 days prior to concert yet insisted on attening. Everyone was more than helpful! Concerned for her comfort and safety. Especially usher #1129. She was outstanding. What a great experience. Thank you so much.

Charles Lincoln

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
A carnival and fireworks is what brought me here. Set up in one of the parking areas. It was all put on by the Mansfield Elks. Great association they try very hard to have everyone enjoy themselves. Could use a little better advertising to draw in more people. I tried looking on the Internet for information without luck. No fault of the Elks the midway owners hire people that speak very little English and every one is required to pay with tickets even if the only purpose for the adult is to make sure the little ones are safe.


Friday, June 15, 2018
This review is targeted at entrance policies, as well as location of the venue. Normally, large stadiums/venues are positioned near public transportation, or at least provide a shuttle to public transportation options. This was not the case with the xfinity center, so we chose to take a taxi to the stadium from the train station, and therefore did not have a parked car at the venue. I am aware that the stadium does not allow backpacks. I was carrying a backpack-style purse (which are trendy these days) that easily fit the stadium size constraints. The entrance guards would not let me bring in the purse because of its shape, despite being able to see the entire interior, and even though I could also carry it as a purse instead of a backpack. They forced me to take out everything in the purse to carry and literally throw it away since I did not have a car to store it in. Once inside, I immediately spotted at least 3 other people with bags of the same style, and when I pointed it out to the guard who had denied me entrance, he just shrugged and said "well I don't know who let them in". If you're going to have such ridiculous policies, then at the very least they should be enforced consistently. I lost a valuable personal item because of this policy for no apparent reason. Could I have brought a different purse of the same size but different shape? Yes, but this purse had not caused me issues at other similar venues and therefore I had no reason to believe it would be a problem here. Very disappointing.

c zavala

Thursday, May 31, 2018
The venue itself is great with good acoustics. They need to figure out how to move people around better. We were at the doors when the tickets stated they opened, but they didn't let anyone in until after over a half hour. This made a huge crowd form at the gates and all push to get in. Everything was very pricey, even though that was expected. The strict curfew made for no encore and the concert ended very abruptly At the end of the concert, there was a bottle neck as people tried to get out and it took us over ten minutes to get to the on foot exit. We still got to our car fairly quickly and were one of the first cars to be ready to go...only to sit in our car for over an hour. When we finally moved, it was a half hour to get out, then another half hour to the hotel that was ten minutes away. The town itself is great, and I enjoy the venue, they just need to work out the large amounts of people.


Thursday, June 14, 2018
The worst concert experience I’ve had in my life. I have severe asthma and was not allowed to bring in a bag that was tiny and fit in their ”box” that was able to fit my inhaler. I had no pockets and no other way to carry around my inhaler and was still denied. I understand wanting to have a secure place to watch a concert but they were far over the top. I took absolutely everything out of my bag and was still not allowed. Made me walk back to my car to put everything back and stared me down when I re entered. Im over 30 years old and have been to establishments that actually care about people. This place is the worst.

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