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The Concord Band

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The Concord Band was founded in 1959 as a marching unit for Concord's Patriots Day parade, and has been, since 1970, exclusively a concert organization. The sixty-five-member Band performs more than fourteen concerts each year at 51 Walden and at its summer home at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, Massachusetts. The Band also plays at Concord's "Picnic in the Park" on Independence Day and has played summer concerts in the towns of Belmont and Hudson, Mass., and, for the first time in 2002, in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Concord Band also participates regularly in the annual Boston Festival of Bands held in Faneuil Hall each June and has played at an annual meeting of the Eastern Division of the Music Educators National Conference.

The Concord Band is available for sponsored concerts, for both fund-raising and entertainment purposes. Annual sponsors of such concerts include the Emerson Hospital Auxiliary and the Concord Rotary Club.Members of the band represent more than forty area communities and a wide variety of professions. Band members have played in the organization for an average of nearly 15 years; twenty have been members for 25 years or more. Many are alumni of prestigious college, military, or professional bands.

In addition to its two CDs, A Winter Festival and The Best of 1992-1994, the Band has also recorded four (vinyl) albums of band music, now collectors' items. The first in a series of CDs, entitled The Best of the Concord Band in Concert, is now available. These limited edition discs, which are available to Band members and friends of the Band, present digital recordings of the best recent concert performances of the Band in chronological order, beginning with the Band's 1992-94 seasons.

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