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The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

125 Arborway

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University discovers and disseminates knowledge of the plant kingdom to foster greater understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of Earth’s botanical diversity and its essential value to humankind.


Deandre King

Thursday, June 7, 2018
Went during the lilac festival. If it's your first time, go to the information center first, it'll describe both the purpose and layout of each section of the arboretum. It's immense, so if you have kids or elders expect to not finish everything in a day. Great for a personal day, tourists who love nature/conservation, date, or a family trip. It's free, and sometimes there's live bands. Transportation is easy, just go to Forest Hills station and walk across the street. There's also a bike path, there's parking but it'll be tough on popular days such as certain of not most weekends. There are restrooms in the information center only, on busy days the information center bathrooms are women and children only, outside unisex portables also near information center. Having a free map and/or phone makes the trip more fun and purposeful.

Martha Akstin

Sunday, May 13, 2018
How can you have anything negative to say about this beautiful arboretum? Today was even more special as it was the celebration of Lilac Sunday AND the observance of Mother's Day. The lilacs' blooms and fragrances did not disappoint. Today is the only day of the year when picnicking is allowed on the grounds. And although there were many visitors, everything flowed smoothly. It was a memorable day.

Jordyn Salter

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
I've been here dozens of times over in the two years I've been in Boston and continue to be amazed every time. Just walking into the gates can make any nature lover's heart flutter regardless of the season. It's a great place to go all seasons of the year. Definitely helped ease my transition from country life to city life having access to such an expansive park and the fact that it's close to Forest Hills Cemetery and Franklin Park make it even better. Easily the best public park in boston.

Tara Tai

Thursday, May 31, 2018
This beautiful, no cars allowed park located just south of JP is a hidden gem in Boston. Great, well-labeled walking trails skirt all sorts of groves and flower beds that are denoted by helpful maps and plaques all throughout. If you climb to the top of the many hills throughout the Arboretum, you also get a great view of Boston. It's a great oasis just outside the city, T-accessible as well.

Justine Fontanez

Friday, April 6, 2018
Nice area. I love arboretum's. They have a variety of different plants. That are plaques to let you know what an each tree is things like that, they have paths and trails for you to walk along. If you have kids the main path is nice to walk along with the stroller the paths not so much but they're not super bumpy. Animals are allowed as well as long as they are on a leash I believe. Just a nice area to take a break from the city if you can't leave the city.

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