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About Us

RFA Family Entertainment Centers

Ryan Family Amusements offers a clean, healthy environment. Our family entertainment centers feature candlepin and/or ten pin or duckpin bowling. We also have huge games rooms with the hottest, newest, coolest arcade games. and party rooms for all occasions.

The History of Ryan Family Amusements

Ove two million pairs of bowling shoes rented! Ryan Family Amusements celebrates over 50 years in the family entertainment business. In May 1958, owner James A. Ryan started his first business in Needham, MA, an eight-lane bowling alley under the Post Office. Over the years, he has opened other bowling centers in Quincy, Falmouth, Avon, Raynham, Buzzards Bay, South Yarmouth, Malden, Hyannis, Boston and Millis, MA and in Middletown, RI and game rooms in the Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis, MA the Emerald Square Mall, No. Attleboro, MA, on Martha's Vineyard, MA and also in Newport, RI.

As an Operator

In our role as an amusement game operator, we are recognized as a leader in the industry and it is our positive performance that has led distributors to use us frequently for field testing of new equipment. We supply and service games, not only on our own sites but to other family entertainment centers, hotels, sports bars and restaurants as well. Those establishments, situated mainly in Southeastern New England, can be assured of maximized revenues. Should you be interested in our services, please contact us at 508-759-5464. Our professional staff is ready to serve all of your amusement requirements.


Pristine Property Maintenance

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018
It's updated since my last visit and it's great. Arcade has there own debit cards for tickets kind of difficult and I feel it's a bit off but who knows. Bathrooms serves beer and some food..... Bowling alley drinks and food is bigger and better. I rated it 5 stars it's great atmosphere freindly staff. Def go check it out...

bobby lipane

Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017
Where do I even start.... Luckily, bowling is always something that is as fun as you make it out to be. My girlfriend another and I all did have a blast while ACTUALLY bowling. We paid for the unlimited frames, which was actually modestly priced, and couldn't have had more fun, however, the rest of the experience is why I can't see myself going back. First off, the one and ONLY thing they offered as far as food was pizza. For $13 we ended up with a failed pizza hut greasy personal sized over-priced pizza which coincidentally caused my girlfriend to spend over half our time there in the bathroom. Not even pretzels or popcorn were offered from either of the said dirty machines displayed in the "dining room" that look like they haven't been used in years. Then, the drinks. If you aren't there to basically get drunk, your pretty much left with a vary small handful of drinks which thankfully they had free water to sip on. The grumpy old guy I was forced to ask all my questions (due to the other girl at the bar seemed to not have a clue as to what was going on or even able to answer any of my questions) seemed like he was absolutely miserable and didn't exactly treat the rest of the staff with any respect whatsoever and god forbid you had ANY issue big or small this guy made it seem like I was asking him to donate his kidney because of how big of a deal he made it seem whenever I had to go to him. Needless to say, if I ever want to go bowling again, it surely will NOT be here.

Bill McNamara

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017
Tried to play on ten pin lane. Balls didn't return. Attendant didn't care. He didn't even come back to me. I had to go to him again just to have him tell me it couldn't be fixed. Would he have let us wait all night before he came back. Very poor customer service. Tried candel pin lane. Pins would reset before your third ball. There weren't enough balls to boot. Although I thought the attendant had a lot. Again, attendant didn't care, to busy talking with friends. Only answer was no mechanic on duty. It was a Saturday night. Really. When I demanded our money back his response was like no big deal. He made no effort to appease us. To top it off, he gave us back $2,50 more than we paid. A real keeper he was. To top it off you pay hourly now. No more per lane. Never going back. Unbelievable.

Christian Pavlakis

Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017
One of my favorite stops. This bowling alley, although a little on the drier side for their ten pin lanes, is a guaranteed good time if you're looking for family fun. They have ten candlepin and ten "ten pin" lanes, as well as a full arcade and ticket redemption center. They have added a full bar with a variety of specials and drinks for those looking to have a good time. This place has always treated me well and their offers can't be beat (i.e. their monthly bowling packages). I look forward to going there again and again.

erin Harrington

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Great people, great atmosphere! Definitely a fun time!

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