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Pine Acres Family Camping Resort

Pine Acres Family Camping Resort
203 Bechan Road


In the late 1950’s Kim and Grace Packard bought a large parcel of undeveloped land on Lake Dean in Oakham. The Packards’ initial plan was to keep a plot of land for their family and subdivide and sell the remaining property as summer lots. In 1957, when talking to a friend, the idea of a campground was born. With his wife Grace working at his side, Kim began the development of Pine Acres, named for the towering pines that covered the land.

Kim and Grace built the first building with nothing more than a chainsaw! This building still stands on property as Uncle John’s Bait Shop. It was originally used as the Packards’ summer living quarters and Pine Acres’ Main Office. The campground opened for business on Labor Day 1960 with about a half dozen spots on the waterfront. The following year they saw an increased demand for camp sites and decided to expand, building more sites, picnic tables, and adding planned entertainment for their guests.

In 1967 Kim and Grace Packard constructed a lakefront, A-frame home to permanently move their family to Pine Acres. That building now serves as the Main Office and Administration Building. The following years saw continued growth for the campground with added amenities and accommodations. In 1989, Mr. and Mrs. Packard decided it was time to retire, and sold the business to their son Randy and daughter-in-law Denise. Randy and Denise, along with their three children, enhanced the property with new developments geared toward satisfying today’s camping families.

Pine Acres has been awarded a five star rating by industry leaders and continues to cater to camping enthusiasts who enjoy the great outdoors at one of New England’s finest year round resorts.

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