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Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

1040 MASS MoCA Way

MASS MoCA seeks to catalyze and support the creation of new art, expose our visitors to bold visual and performing art in all stages of production, and re-invigorate the life of a region in socioeconomic need.

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If conventional museums are boxes, MASS MoCA is an open platform a welcoming place that encourages dynamic interchange between making and presenting art, between the visual and performing arts, and between our extraordinary historic factory campus and the patrons, workers and tenants who again inhabit it.

We at MASS MoCA work hard to make the whole cloth of art-making, presentation and participation a seamless continuum. Performing arts residencies offer well-equipped and professionally staffed technical facilities and stages, and a sophisticated, diverse and sympathetic audience for new work especially technically complex work that requires generous allocations of time and space impossible in conventional theatrical settings. Likewise, MASS MoCA's vast galleries and expert fabrication staff give visual artists the tools and time to create works of scale and duration impossible to realize in the time and space-cramped conditions of most museums. We endeavor to expose our audiences to all stages of art production; rehearsals, sculptural fabrication, and developmental workshops are frequently on view to the public, as are finished works of art.

If MASS MoCA's mission is to foster and present exciting new work of the highest quality in all media and in all phases of its production we also work hard to position the arts as a vibrant catalyst for community revitalization: indeed, the creation of new markets, good jobs and the long-term enrichment of a region in economic need is one of MASS MoCA's driving purposes. We at MASS MoCA are convinced that advancement of the arts, increased tourism and community participation, and regional economic redevelopment are mutually reinforcing and inextricably linked, and we act forcefully on that belief. The arts create and bestow community identity. Identity rallies hope, productivity, pride and economic vibrancy. These are the base conditions for a healthy community; they cannot be created, however, without risk, creativity, adventure, and the willingness to embrace the new. This is the heart and soul of MASS MoCA's mission. 


Joshua Nili

Sunday, May 27, 2018
What a great museum! I was spending a weekend at a friend's cabin and this place was an amazing escape for a rainy day. The exhibits are all very different, so you can easily spend a few hours exploring. The building itself is very spacious as well so you never feel overwhelmed by people.

Day Marshall

Friday, May 11, 2018
What can you say about a place like this? It is wonderful and unique. It is full of interest and intrigue. The scale of some of the pieces is enormous, but they don't feel overwhelmingly large in the space due to the lofty openness of this transformed manufacturing building. The physical layout of the museum reminded me of a funhouse; twists and turns and dark passages and stairwells and paths that led to places you couldn't predict. I think we got to see everything, but it was hard to tell because we easily lost track of where we were and how we got there. However, that was part of the fun. The contents of this fantastic place were varied and creative. This is a museum to visit over and over.

Kristine J. Vale

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Wonderful contemporary museum. Kind of out of the way but worth the drive. Beautiful connected buildings that allow you to simply wander amongst all the great artwork. Fun for kids, too. We would definitely visit again if in the area.

Andrew Beisler

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
One of the best museums I've been to, very large spaces in great industrial buildings and plenty to see. Our kids, ages 4 and 6, had a great time. Mix of kid friendly and hands-on exhibits with traditional ones. The hands on music room with homemade instruments was a lot of fun. There's a cafe/eatery and gift shop on-premis.

Arno Klein

Friday, June 1, 2018
Absolutely incredible exhibits. Mass MoCA has quickly become one of my favorite museums in the world. While visiting last week, I was treated to the most eloquent, well-informed, patient, and helpful tour guide I've ever seen at a museum. And I live in New York City!

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