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Kidspace at Mass MoCa

Kidspace at Mass MoCa
1040 MASS MoCA Way


A child-centered art gallery where professional, contemporary artists exhibit their work, Kidspace is also a hands-on studio where children create and study art. The art chosen for exhibition is used as a vehicle for discussing contemporary social issues, making evident topics of concern to children, and challenging notions about art and art materials. Key to this curatorial vision is that we do not “kiddify” or “dumb-down” exhibitions for children. Artists are selected for their works’ educational and artistic merit, and exhibitions have featured renowned artists from around the world, including Long-Bin Chen, Devorah Sperber, Portia Munson, Lisa Hoke, Willie Birch, Gajin Fujita, and Tim Rollins and K.O.S. Since 2000, Kidspace @ MASS MoCA has mounted 25 major thematic exhibitions, and contributed to DownStreet Arts with special exhibitions and a permanent installation—The Bus Stand. Teacher activity guides are developed for each exhibition.

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