Franklin Park Zoo

1 Franklin Park Road


      Franklin Park Zoo mission is to inspire people to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations by creating fun and engaging experiences that integrate wildlife and conservation programs, research, and education.


Chandler Zhou

Wednesday, Sep. 27, 2017

My son loves it! His favorite place to go. Love the birds and gorillas. Easy to park. Good for family as they have a nice playground. Recommend to have their annual pass if your kids love animals, great deal. See the cool picture I took for the white tiger!

Joe St. Germain

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A great place for young children, or anyone interested in animals. Parking is free, and admission price is inexpensive - free for members! Costs help with much-needed conservation efforts. Get there before noon to find a good parking spot - or take the T. Nice variety, with knowledgeable helpful staff. Barn animal petting area was cool - food was good. A nice little oasis in the big city.

Katey Durbin

Saturday, Sep. 30, 2017

Sort of a smaller zoo but overall very nice. Great playgrounds for kids. They need more funding to improve some of the enclosures so I totally would support visiting again/donating!


Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017

This is by far the worst zoo I have ever been to. The price is to high for the little bit you get to see. The pens for the animals are not cleaned or maintained properly, not to mention the indoor pens spell horrible. The animals looked bad and there was no food in any of the pens. Also for the money you pay to get in it's very disappointing that some exebits were closed. They either need to hire more staff or sell it to someone who can properly run it. I wouldn't recommend this zoo to anyone. Save your money. I will never go back to this zoo ever again.

Rated by Hanna

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I'll never pass up a chance to visit a Zoo and hang out with some animals. I've visited so many throughout my childhood and still love adding zoos to the list of places to visit. (Aquariums too!) My friend's mother somehow managed to get a promotional voucher for tickets before the 2016 season closed and but it was too cold for some of the animals to be out. This zoo in particular may not be as big as the Bronx Zoo, so you can easily finish exploring in a few hours. I think it's priced reasonably for $20/adult. Strangely enough living in the Boston area for a decade, this was my FIRST time coming by and they even have their own FREE parking lot! That never happens in Boston of all places... The zoo has several entrances and we parked near the Hyenas exhibit. When we visited it was not too busy since many of the exhibits were unavailable (i.e. Giraffes) due to the colder temperature, despite it being a perfect fall day for me. Ironically the playground area the tall giraffe slide was also closed! Coincidence?! My friends and I had a blast hanging out with the animals. There were only a few instances of bumping elbows with other zoo goers for the most popular exhibits (Lions and Tigers). All of the exhibits have very informative signs and facts about the animals on display. I loved the new exhibit that they had opened up in the Children's Zoo section and saw the cute red pandas along with the gophers. There's also another playground/slide section here as well. The only part I wasn't crazy about was the Giddy Up Grill food area and gift shop, but what do you expect when you are a captive audience in an amusement type area. Everything is overpriced and not great quality. Besides that I am looking forward to coming back another time when they have the other exhibits open!