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Elms College

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Education for Life and Education for a Career

The College of Our Lady of the Elms, founded in 1928 by the Sisters of St. Joseph, is a Catholic, liberal arts, coeducational college. The college affirms its original, comprehensive goal of combining education for life with education for a career. Founded to educate women and aware of the importance of this tradition, the college now opens all its programs and services to both men and women.

The mission of the Elms proclaims the intellectual tradition of the Catholic Church, and in a spirit of ecumenism, it welcomes students, faculty and staff of other traditions. The Judaeo-Christian heritage enunciated in theological studies and celebrated in liturgical worship inspires, develops and fosters an understanding of scholarship through the liberal arts. Also from the common vision of the centrality of Christ and His Gospel teaching come value systems which are characterized by a commitment to the service of others, a service that seeks just solutions to the many problems of today's world.

Education for life is accomplished through efforts to develop the capacity for critical thinking, the ability to communicate effectively, an appreciation of the arts and humanities, and an understanding of the technological basis of modern society. It encompasses recognition of the need to deal with the rapid pace of change and such global concerns as those related to technology, environment, population, justice and peace. As an educational community committed to academic freedom, administration, faculty and students of the Elms interact in the common exploration of truth and the pursuit of academic excellence.

Reaffirming its initial goal of integrating liberal learning with career preparation, the Elms aims to provide education for a career in courses of study designed to meet objective criteria of quality and excellence. It assists students in the choice of, and preparation for, careers, encourages performance to meet the highest standards, with emphasis on the potential for original contributions; provides students with opportunities for continuing education and professional enrichment.

The college exists for the pursuit of truth; the accurate transmission of knowledge; the general wellbeing of society; and the personal, spiritual, and intellectual development of its students. The College of Our Lady of the Elms aims to assist in the development of students rooted in faith, educated in mind, compassionate in heart, responsive to civic and social obligations, capable of adjusting to change without compromising principle, and able to respond creatively to the demands of their chosen careers.

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