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Checkered Flag Indoor Karting

239 Neck Road


Our 30,000 square foot indoor facility is designed for intense racing, family fun, and corporate team building. This 23,000 square foot speedway track boasts a 100 foot back stretch, two switchback turns, and a racing line like no other. Electronic Timing and Scoring shows who won each race and by how much along with your best lap times! These races are run on three different speeds. The "Adult" speed is approximately 25 mph and the "Junior" speed is 18 mph. Anyone who is a.) 18 years of age or b.) under 18 but possess a state issued driver's license or permit can race all the Adult speed. Those who do not met these requirements race on the junior speed. Anyone who is an "Adult" but chooses to race with a "Junior" will race on Junior speed. A "Pro Speed" is available to anyone who completed a lap on the Adult Speed below the required laptime. Speeds on Pro reach up to 30 mph!

Driver's under 18 who will not be arriving with their parent or legal guardian MUST have a Waiver Form signed by a parent or legal guardian at home. If a parent or legal guardian will be present during your visit, please do not fill out this form, as it will be done electronically upon your arrival.


Our state of the art racing facility in Haverhill, MA supplies the adrenaline of open wheel racing with high performance electric karts, professional timing and speed analysis, and a highly trained safety staff for the best racing experience in the Northeast.

Parties and Corporate Events

Our inviting on-site function rooms allow you to take all your friends and co-workers along for the ride. From everyday racing, to birthday parties to family gatherings, to corporate events, Checkered Flag Indoor Karting is the place to race all year 'round! 

Main Track features: 

-23,000 square feet of speedway

-100 foot frontstretch

-Tight "esse" section

-8 turns in total

-A racing line like no other

-Wider to allow easier passing and different racing lines

-Redesigned June 2012

Mini Cup Track:

-100 feet of track

-Safety and fun for children ages 4-9 

Please note that the Mini Cup track is ONLY available through birthday parties.


Here at Checkered Flag we use the new Electra Motorsports

RS-R Karts featuring:

-Adjustable Seats

-Differential for a racing feel

-Four Point Adjustable Harness

-AMB Timing System

-Dual Rear Disc Brakes

-Rack and Pinion Steering 

-Fifteen (15) Horsepower 48 

Volt Electric Motor 

-Newest design for speed & safety

-Superior handling and acceleration

-Accommodates heights of 54 inches to almost 7 feet.


Kris D

Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017
R.I.P checkered flag you were the first place I started racing, you will be missed

Jordan Wires

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Girlfriend and I went to this place and didn't want to get out on the track with the hot heads zipping by us so they were able to get the track just for us after the other parties finished. Air hockey table didn't work at first but the employee found a work around and helped us and didn't seem annoyed at all. I paid $30 for 2 people, 15 laps and about 10 minutes. Would go back again. Can't say enough about the nice and accommodating employees there!

Jakob Guadalupe

Friday, Aug. 12, 2016
Great service, and very nice people overall! Plus there's a very cute blonde girl that race directs, go check this place out it was very fun!

Sarah G

Friday, Aug. 12, 2016
Had an awesome time. Reasonable prices, fast karts, good staff.

Mike Hamelin

Sunday, March 6, 2016
Track was small but the employees were friendly. It's not F1 but it is worth going. Affordable and fun what more do you want?

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