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Boston Public Library

700 Boylston Street

Within its collection of 23 million items, the library boasts a wealth of rare books and manuscripts, maps, musical scores and prints. Among its large collections, the BPL holds several first edition folios by William Shakespeare, original music scores from Mozart to Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf;" and, in its rare book collection, the personal library of John Adams. Throughout the year, the Boston Public Library hosts exhibitions that offer the public an opportunity to view books and documents usually available only to research scholars.                                                            

Today, the Boston Public Library system includes a Central Library, twenty-four branches, a map center, a business library, and a website filled with digital content. Last year, 3.7 million people visited the Boston Public Library system, many in pursuit of research material, others looking for an afternoon's reading or the use of the computer or to attend a class, still others for the magnificent and unique art and architecture of many library locations. There were 7.9 million visits to the library's website and 3.7 million books and audiovisual items borrowed or downloaded.


Smriti Singh

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

Great place to spend some time with a book or just do your work. It is huge, have 2 good cafes inside to give you a continuous dose of caffeine (if required). Great collection of books, i traversed through the history and religion section and was amazed. Along with it there are some very nice paintings and murals. If you want to take a stroll you can cover the place easily in less than an hour.

Luisa LaSalle

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018

BEAUTIFUL SPACE. I come here all of the time to study and read. There are numerous different areas to work in depending on what noise level/vibe you like. One of the most gorgeous public libraries I have been to. Highly recommend as a study spot or just to walk through if you are visiting town.

David Lamb

Saturday, March 17, 2018

This place is enormous. About half of the library is historic featuring murals and ornate ceilings in almost every room. The other half is a lot more modern and intended to be functional. If I lived downtown, I think I might be here almost daily. Apart from the cultural aspects of this space, the location is great. Additionally, the Boston Public Libraries (BPL) offer a ton of services, such as free or discounted attraction passes to nearby museums and aquariums. If you are a resident of Boston and not a member of BPL, you should join and support literacy!

Timothy Killilea

Friday, Dec. 15, 2017

What a gift this library is! Modern meets traditional in this blend of quiet study area to entrepreneurial business busy-fest. The main entrance along Copley Square into the older section of the Library is chock full of history and meaning in every corner, every little edge. Even the stairs carry meaning in them, as you feel the indent of the marble steps meant to aid in your footsteps up and down them. The reference section is a long row of tables with old-school lamps along with a delicate sense of silence aiding study. (Be mindful of your personal belongings here because there are some "tourists" who can easily walk away with them.) The more modern area has an internet cafe with Boston Public Radio done live on certain days, making the media you see and hear almost have a social component. Really cool to see people speaking on the radio about the local issues impacting the city and the state. In that more modern renovated version of the library is a business center in the basement, perfect for resources for college-seeking people and entrepreneurs. The librarians at the business center there are extremely knowledgeable and provide information seeking resources as public service and public resource. I will say, again, that when you speak to the librarian at the business center, and do so with respect, you will begin to understand just how amazing people can be, and how we can work together to share knowledge for the common good!

Pilar Franco Borrell

Friday, March 9, 2018

One of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever visited. The details of the ceilings, the sculptures, the mosaics, all those old books and wooden shelves everywhere, plus the kindness of the staff... Amazing place.

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