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Contrary to local belief, the unique idea of a Duck Tour did not originate in Boston. Duck operations have been in existence in the Midwest for decades, and in fact, continue to thrive. What we did, however, is take a unique product and improve and enhance it, while at the same time bringing it to a major metropolitan city. Although this sounds simple, the process from start to finish took nearly two years, "100 halls of government" and fierce determination by an ex-banker who felt that there was more to life than the standard 9-5, corporate world.

Opening in Boston required approximately 30 permits from various regulatory agencies. The permits were difficult to obtain partly due to the infamous bureaucratic red tape, but also because most people had never heard of Ducks and simply thought the idea of a land/water tour in Boston was crazy. At one point, Andy Wilson, Founder, was told that it would be easier to build a skyscraper in the center of the Boston Public Garden!

What began as a four-Duck, 15-employee business on October 4, 1994, has grown to a 28-Duck, 125-employee powerhouse in the Boston tourism market. Since inception, Boston Duck Tours was voted by Boston Magazine as "Best of Boston" in the city tour category, and voted's "Best City Tour". The company also was honored by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce at their Small Business of the Year Luncheon, Andy was named Small Businessperson of the Year for Massachusetts, and Andy also received a Spirit of Enterprise Award from the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau. On a busy day in 1994, we carried 600 passengers, compared to 4,000 during our peak season. The growth of Boston Duck Tours has been extremely important. However, we firmly believe that growth at the expense of quality is unacceptable. We continuously strive to improve upon the quality of the Ducks, the tour and our employees and not grow to the point where we become intrusive on the local community. We remain committed to strengthening the mutually beneficial relationship we have worked so hard to establish with the city of Boston.

In 2000, Andy Wilson left Boston Duck Tours to pursue other projects. His management team took over the company and has continued to build upon its foundation.


Nufaces Media

Sunday, June 24, 2018
We got the duck boat tour as part of the city pass/Go package and it was major fun! The tour guide was super hyped up on caffeine ... or maybe life ... either way, he was jacked up and very energetic. He gave good historical info on Boston and the sights along the route were nice. You see Harvard, MIT, Hancock, and more of Boston's cool sites. The kids on the boat actually got to drive the boat and that was pretty cool.

Richard Hornsby

Saturday, June 30, 2018
This was one of the most enjoyable tours I have done on any vacation. It was raining most of the day, so I wasn’t sure how fun a 90 minute tour in a military vehicle would be, but it turned to have been the perfect activity for the conditions. Orlando Duck Tours is a must do activity for young or old. Our tour guide was Captain Super Size and he was was great. Best part was they let the young kids drive when you’re in the water! #QuackQuack

Kaylee Blechinger

Monday, June 11, 2018
We did a duck boat tour to wrap up our trip in Boston and it was a very good time. The guide we had was very enthusiastic about his job and we got to learn some history along the way. It was really neat to go into the Charles river in the boat too. If you’ve never been to Boston and have kids on your trip I would highly recommend a duck boat tour!

Karthik Ch

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
I loved this duck tour. For those who doesn't know, this is an amphibious vehicle that can go both on road and water. They will take you around important tourist spots while you are sitting in the bus. There will be a guide explaining you the history of each place in detail. If there are any veterans on the vehicle, they will ask them to sign on the vehicle top. Also they will let the kids on board drive the boat on water (don't worry the driver is right next to them).

Paige Bradley

Thursday, July 12, 2018
I loved it! Our tour guide was really funny and gave us a great overview of the history of Boston. They also let our kids drive the duck in the water. One of my favorites!

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