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Boston Children's Theatre's (BCT) mission is to provide access to exceptional theatrical experiences dedicated to fostering the artistic and personal development of diverse youth, with a focus on professional training and the development of new works.


Boston Children's Theatre seeks to become a national leader in theatre productions and training. We strive for excellence in theatre training for young people, in creating new works, and in partnering with schools, using the medium of theatre to engage, enlighten and motivate youth towards productive and fulfilling lives as members of society.

We aim to provide broad access to theatre experiences by offering programming that reaches out across diverse backgrounds to engage youth of all ages. We work to ensure that each and every student who has the curiosity or the passion for theater has an equal opportunity to experience this life changing art form.


Buddy Found

Tuesday, May 1, 2018
Your values, -Our Staff. Our outstanding staff is our greatest resource. We will recruit, develop and nurture our staff at all levels of the organization. We will compensate our staff fairly and look for opportunities for their development. We will continue to expand our resources to support the high standards of our programming. -Healthy Operations. We work to build an operational budget that adequately provides resources to support our high standards, and the exploration of new works. In our operations, we plan for sustainability and we act as reliable stewards of our, staff, patrons, donors and community partners. Please explain to me why you don’t pay your staff? Also how can you have healthy operations if you fail to pay rent for a location for three years..... I wish these facts were not true but sadly they are. I have not nor would I ever work for this organization but all of my facts come from the inside. I smell embezzlement........ just saying someone needs to look into this so called nonprofit

Tanja Conley

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Isaura Peguero

Thursday, March 15, 2018

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