Berkshire East Mountain Resort

66 Thunder Mountain Road

Berkshire East is Southern New England's fastest growing four season resort. We are a family owned and operated business that features great skiing, America's most extensive zip line park, North America's largest Mountain Coaster, all in the beautiful setting of the Deerfield River Valley. Come ride some of the most amazing rides in the country, and ski some of the best terrain in Southern New England, close to your home and in the nearby Berkshire Mountains.


Michael Gantt

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018

Nice New England ambiance and scenery. Lots of wide, well groomed terrain. Central runs are fairly steep. Great place to practice carving turns. Bar has really good food.

Adam Lavoine

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

Berkshire East my home town Mountain when I started snowboarding in 1992. It was the first year they even allowed snowboarders as a matter fact. Send that one games have the nickname " The Beast" in the late 90s early 2000s. Berkshire East has come a long long way in the past decade or so. In recent years they have opened up zipline Park that has the longest zip line on the Eastern seaboard. Two years ago Bay and installed a gravity coaster which is also the longest in the entire United States. Also a number of years ago they decided to green install an enormous wind turbine along with an entire field of solar panels so in essence they are off the grid. Now having written at Berkshire for 25 years I will say that it's a skiers mountain and always will be., there is no Train park in if there is I would stay out of it because it is improperly designed and very poorly put together. I discovered how it this way the new mountain bike course they have for the summer that traverses the mountain is unbelievable to ride in the winter and they have mini tabletop after tabletop after tabletop at the bridge after bridge and then you stop and you realize essay writing for about 10 minutes you're not even halfway down. So with white water rafting a new ropes course they're really and every season Resort put something for everyone in the entire family I love Berkshire East and the prices are so fair ,it is such a friendly place to ride/ski . I highly highly recommend that you go to Berkshire East and especially after there's been a good snow storm.


Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018

Good mountain, though busy when I go Thursday nights due to school competitions. It has some harder trails, though they are closed most of the time. Most trails are green circles or blue squares. Not much woods trails, mostly open ones. There aren't usually jumps or terrain park equiptment. They've also got good bike trails, a cool canopy tour, a fun mountain coaster, and some jungle gym stuff. They recently added a couple trails. The food is expensive (something like $6 for a small slice of pizza). There's a pizza/grinder place down the street too. It is mostly groomed. Overall, good mountain, sometimes crowded, and well-staffed.

Jonathan Lao

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018

Thunder bike Park is the best for loamy trails, jump trails, flow and huge berms. I love going here when I can during the summer And we typically go for a minimum of 2 days. Great place to learn to jump a bike with confidence especially at the gronk trail. Only lacking in terrain are rocks and rock garden. Also at the end of the season it is very blown out, corroded and blown out. They need to do maintenance during the season or beginning as the trail conditions keep getting more and more corroded.

Lee Ouellette

Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018

Loved seeing the new Green(beginner) trails added for this season. This was a great addition, giving a good experience for newbie skiers/riders to enjoy a long run. It was also great to see the power-turbine windmill in action first-hand.