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Animagic Museum

Animagic Museum
135 Main Street

The Museum in the Berkshires that showcases the local talent and their role in animation and special effects.

Acclaimed artists, animators, and special effect creators followed inventor and film pioneer Douglas Trumbull here, to bucolic Western Massachusetts from all over the country and from all over the world.

This talent is responsible for "the Slit-Scan" effect used in 2001: A Space Odyssey, "living painting" technology used in What Dreams May Come, the "360-degrees-bullet" effect used in The Matrix, the stereoscopic effect used in Spiderman The Ride, and much more.
Inventions of Douglas Trumbull of Southfield made it possible to convert movies like Back To The Future to rides for amusement parks. 
Spiderman The Ride was created by Jeffrey Kleiser and Diana Walczak of North Adams.Tom Gasek of Great Barrington was among creators of famous full-length animated movies like Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run.
The camouflage effect in Predator was developed by Joel Hynek of Lenox and Eugene Mamut of Lee.

The founders of Animagic are members of this talented community and have been  involved in many of these projects.
In Animagic, you will see the actual models used in movies, watch a stereoscopic 3-D Effect, see a genuine Academy Award® and discover how those amazing effects were made.
We hope you will love ceramics, puppets, and graphics of multi-talented artist Irina Borisova and watch educational movies.
In our shop, you will find lots of hard-to-find toys based on amazing scientific phenomena.
And before you leave, find out how to create your own animation and special effects right here.

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