Travel & Taste: Svalbard and Beyond

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  $28M;$35NM/Lecture only: $12M; $15NM

The Arctic in summer is an incredible place. Whether you are on land or at sea, it is a minimalist’s dream with relatively few animals, diminutive plant life, flat landscapes interrupted by vertical cliffs, it is a formidably unforgiving landscape. But the animals are amazing, the plant life is vibrant (even if the trees are only a couple of centimeters high), and those cliffs can hold millions of nesting seabirds. David traveled around Svalbard aboard a small ship in the summer of 2016 and recorded 16 polar bears, mostly while sailing near the pack ice, millions of dovekies, hundreds of thousands of thick-billed murres, arctic terns, all three jaegers, great skuas, glaucous and ivory gulls, and much more at sea. On land, there were views of reindeer, arctic fox, and a few passerines. Come along on a virtual tour of this journey at the edges of civilization and beyond.

Location-themed buffet dinner and lecture or lecture only (7:30pm start). Pre-registration required for dinner by 5pm Tuesday, November 13.

Online registration available.