Collage Show

Saturday, Jun 26, 2021 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm


Collage for ALL is a gathering of works by 26 artists from near and far showcasing the venerable art of collage. The word collage is taken from the French colle, which means to glue. Collage or assemblage are artist techniques for combining images and while gluing is certainly an option, there are other newer means for attaching and composing shapes and elements. The show of over 50 works includes photographs, textile work, metal sculpture, assemblage of wood and natural material, and mixed media works on paper and in 3 D, all beautifully displayed in the ALL Gallery at 307 Market St. in Lowell.

Organized by gallery members Steve Syversson and Deb Ames, and with the opportunity of unusual combinations, the show offers a glimpse into the sometimes quirky imaginations of artists. “This show is a little different in that it attracted work from artists beyond the Lowell area” says board member Roberta Bloom “collage themed shows are rather scarce, I guess, and this proved tempting to a wider range of participants”.  All good as far as the Arts League is concerned; “our mission is to support artists and to present opportunities to view and wide range of work, at no cost, to visitors” said Mary Hart, Lowell artist and programs chair for the gallery.

Conveniently located near the center of Lowell’s historic district, the Arts League Gallery is open Wednesday through Sunday, from noon to 4 PM. The gallery operates in compliance with safe gathering restrictions in place as mandated by the state of Massachusetts.