Boston Israeli Film Festival

Boston Israeli Film Festival

Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021


Schedule of Events

7:00 PM - Opening Night: A Sweet Slice of Israel: Cake Making Class

Celebrate Opening Night of the 3rd Annual Boston Israeli Film Festival with Chef Liora Kushner, as she teaches you how to make this simple and delicious no-bake biscuit cake, an iconic Israeli dessert!

Here is what you will need to participate and create the "No-Bake Biscuit Cake" with Chef Liora Kushner:
The ingredients for a 9x9 pan:
2 pck of tea biscuits
2 pck of instant vanilla pudding
3 cups of heavy cream
2 cups of milk
8 ounces of chocolate chips (dark or milk)
1/2 teaspoon of instant coffee or some leftover coffee
Free with Registration. No registration necessary for passholders.

Here We Are

Director(s): Nir Bergman
Running Time: 92 min
Aharon (Shai Avivi, One Week and a Day, BJFF 2016) has devoted his life to his son, Uri, who has autism. He now faces immense pressure to let Uri move away from their quiet, routined life, into a group home. Unconvinced that Uri is ready for this move, Aharon decides to run away with his son, taking him on an unpredictable, secret road trip. As their adventure goes haywire, Aharon must face the fact that perhaps it is he who is not ready for change.

Israeli Shorts Program

A collection of some of Israel's best new short cinema.
Israeli Shorts: Father's Sonata (15min)
Israeli Shorts: If You Only Knew (14min)
Israeli Shorts: Image of Victory (25min)
Israeli Shorts: In Between, Diary (4min)
Israeli Shorts: White Eye (21min)
Israeli Shorts: Cinema Rex (7min)

Israeli Shorts: Cinema Rex

Director(s): Mayan Engelman and Eliran Peled
Running Time: 7 min
Jerusalem, 1938. A divided city. A Jewish boy and an Arab girl meet at the Cinema Rex and form a friendship that crosses language barriers, communicating through the magical language of cinema (and popcorn!).

Israeli Shorts: Father's Sonata

Director(s): Tamir Faingold
Running Time: 15 Min
55-year-old Noah gave up on his dream of becoming a pianist in his youth. Now that his youngest son 13-year-old Nir, is set to audition for the Music Academy, Noah's ambition resurfaces and his obsession threatens to disrupt both his and his son's lives.

Israeli Shorts: If You Only Knew

Director(s): Einat Gaulan
Running Time: 14 min
After Ellie's ultrasound reveals that there is no longer a heartbeat, she wanders around the mall in a daze, ending up in a nail salon where she finds sisterhood and comfort.

Israeli Shorts: Image of Victory

Director(s): Adi Mishnayot
Running Time: 25 Min
Shortly after Israeli troops entered Gaza in July 2014, Uri, an IDF soldier, was shot and wounded. At the hospital, he is welcomed as a hero. Between treatments and visits from high profile generals and celebrities, Uri and his family reckon with his new status.

Israeli Shorts: In Between, Diary

Director(s): Daniella Schnitzer
Running Time: 4 min
An animated diary about a woman's split between her two homes, in Israel and in France.

Israeli Shorts: White Eye

Director(s): Tomer Shushan
Running Time: 21 min
When a young man happens upon his stolen bike, he is determined to get it back but it now belongs to a stranger, who claims he bought it. As the original owner doubles down on his right to the bike, the stakes grow.

Love in Suspenders

Director(s): Jorge Weller
Running Time: 98 min
When 64-year old Tami accidentally hits Beno, a 70-year old widower, with her car, the last thing on their minds is romance. They are both still grieving the losses of their spouses and they could not be more different from each other. Tami insists on driving Beno home, though, and a relationship begins to blossom will their love survive the scrutiny of their meddling children? A heartwarming romantic comedy for the young at heart.

Menachem Begin: Peace & War

Director(s): Levi Zini
Running Time: 87 min
A surprising and unfamiliar portrait of Israel's sixth prime minister, produced in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Menachem Begin's six years as prime minister were dramatic and tumultuous, the results of which are still felt deeply in Israel's social and political landscape. During Begin's terms, he faced a maelstrom of challenges and made a handful of fateful decisions that led both to the creation of peace and of war. Through rare archival footage and interviews with key figures from Begin's time as prime minister, the film depicts a multi-faceted portrait of a man and the complex society that he sought to lead.

Rain in Her Eyes

Director(s): Reuven Brodesky and Ron Omer
Running Time: 60 min
A deeply touching tribute to Dvora Omer, one of Israel's most beloved children's book authors, whose life and writing was shaped by one significant childhood event. When Dvora was just 11-years old, her mother died by gunshot. For years, Dvora heard conflicting accounts--had her mother been killed by a stray bullet during weapons training or had she died by suicide? The unknowing punctuated her writing and relationships, making her into the writer that she described to her son, co-director Ron Omer, as a woman “rain in her eyes.”

Rockfour: The Time Machine

Director(s): Gadi Aisen
Running Time: 90 min
Formed in Holon in 1988, Rockfour broke the mold for Israeli rock bands. After achieving local success with their hit song “The Man Who Saw It All,” they were on the road to world success with a four-year tour throughout the USA. But mid-tour, lead singer Eli Lulai suddenly quit the band, immediately flying back to Israel and leaving his bandmates to complete the tour as a trio. Decades later, Lulai returns to Rockfour and while fans are thrilled about this reunion, the band is less certain.

Sky Raiders

Director(s): Lior Chefetz
Running Time: 103 min
An uplifting adventure feature film for the entire family. 13-year-old Yotam is obsessed with flying but his overprotective mother won't let him anywhere near planes. His classmate Noa loves planes too, but her brother won't let her close to the ones he fixes. So when Yotam and Noa find a rare antique plane in the local junkyard, they decide to fix it up themselves -- with a little help from Morris, a very grumpy 80-year-old who used to be a pilot. Together they are determined to bring this rusty old plane back to life and to show it off at the Annual Air Show.

12:30 PM - Here We Are: Live Program
Join for a live conversation with Actor Shai Avivi

Festival Pass is $118.00
Individual films are $15 + a $2 processing fee each