Animal Talk Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday, Jan 22, 2020 at 9:00am


Come to the museum dressed as your favorite animal and learn how animals talk!
December 21?December 23?
December 26?December 31?
January 2?January 31?

Have you ever wished that you could talk with other animals? Doctor Dolittle, the imaginary?character in the Hugh Lofting book?The Story of Doctor Dolittle,?could do just that!?Doctor Dolittle learned animal languages?and made animal friends all over the world. Use the clues to find six of his animal friends in the museum and learn how that animal really communicates.?Then, like Doctor?Dolittle, tell us what you think that animal is saying by drawing or writing on the sheet provided.

When you are finished take your sheet to The Shop at HMNH and receive a small gift!?Talk?back and tag us with your answers, photos, and drawings using the hashtag #HarvardAnimalTalk.?